Aircraft Wet Washing

With flaps retracted, the entire aircraft is washed using an aviation-approved cleanser. The gear is safely cleaned using a low-pressure water rinse and special brushes. The entire aircraft is then squeegeed and wiped dry, and we take special take with the windows, using only DuPont Sontara© wipes and Miller Stephenson MS-260© acrylic glass cleaner.

Dry Washing

With flaps retracted, the entire aircraft is hand wiped using Safe Wash AL, an aviation-approved airframe wipe that meets the requirements of Boeing and McDonnell Douglas. This product delivers great cleaning power and leaves behind a streak free surface. We then take special care with the windows, using only DuPont Sontara© wipes and Miller Stephenson MS-260© acrylic glass cleaner, unless otherwise specified in the maintenance manual.

Basic Exterior Aircraft Cleaning

This is a perfect economical to quickly get your aircraft flight-ready. We carefully hand wipe high visibility areas, dirt areas, nose, gear, door area, leading edges, exhaust track, and engine nacelles. All cabin windows and windscreens are cared for as well.

Aircraft Waxing

Our first priority is safely covering all windows and windscreens by papering and taping these areas. This ensures protection to a very costly and sensitive area of your aircraft. We then systematically hand and machine wax all of your painted surfaces. We utilize orbital polishers, which safely clean and polish the surface without heat build-up or swirl marks. Then, we meticulously hand wipe the entire aircraft to ensure all wax is safely removed. While taking proper safety precautions, we isolate the static ports and pitot tubes from ingestion of the material and ensure those safeguards are removed after the work is fully completed.

Aircraft Teflon Paint Protection

We recommend a 12-18 month application of acrylic Teflon® paint sealant to new and freshly painted aircraft. This scientifically formulated product has been recognized in aviation as the number one way to preserve the life of your aircraft paint and is used and recommended by many OEMs and maintenance facilities. Specific benefits include:

  • Improved laminar flow
  • Extended paint life
  • Reduce coefficient of air friction
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced wash cycles and ease of cleaning
  • Easy exhaust and oil removal–Improve appearance
  • No need to wax again
  • Increased shine and depth of paint

This process has proven itself to us and to our customers over the years. We have performed this service with great success for the following companies: Lockheed Martin, Dassault Falcon Jet, DuPont Aviation, General Dynamics, the U.S. Coast Guard, and Professional Jet Management.

Brightwork Polishing

Our 2-3 step brightwork polishing process, depending on the condition of the brightwork, produces excellent results for our clientele. Utilizing the line of Nuvite© brightwork polishing compounds, our system is safe and is the recommended process for many OEMs, including Gulfstream Aerospace. The end result is brightwork that produces a deep, clear shine without the swirl marks. We take proper safety precautions to isolate the static ports and pitot tubes from ingestion of material and ensure those safeguards are removed after the work is fully completed.

Basic Interior Cleaning

This is a basic interior wipe-down of mirrors, windows, tables, chairs, and hardware, and a complete vacuum of your cabin and cockpit areas. This is a fast and economical service to get your interior flight-ready.

Aircraft Interior Detail

With an interior detail, you get a complete cleaning of all interior surfaces in the cockpit, cabin, lavatory, galley, and baggage compartment. All wood, glass, metal, fixtures, and amenities are cleaned and polished, leather is deep-cleaned and conditioned, seat tracks are cleaned, and the seat cushions are pulled to be cleaned. The entire aircraft receives a complete vacuum.

Leather Conditioning

We condition the leather with Perrone Leather Conditioner that replenishes the natural softness of the leather surface. We also treat ink stains with a process developed specifically for leather.

Carpet Cleaning

We utilize the latest cleaning equipment, the CFR Pro 400® cleaning station. With its “continuous flow recycling,” this patent technology removes 98% of all applied solutions instantly and prevents over-wetting, safeguards carpets and fabrics, accelerates dry time, and reduces re-soiling. We treat all spots and stains with independent specialty solutions that remove everyday dirt, coffee, gum, tar, food dyes, and even red wine.

Government Contract Services

Sharp Details is an approved small business government contractor. We have performed services for various government agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Air Force, and the U.S. Coast Guard. We are recognized as a leader in the field of aviation when cleaning for the U.S. government. From managing the day-to-day cleaning for the Federal Aviation Administration aircraft, to performing Teflon© paint protection for the U.S. Coast Guard, we have the ability to support your mission with one-time services or provide support on a full-time contractual basis.

Building and Facilities Services

Sharp Details is known for its professional services and attention to detail. Through this fact, we found ourselves assisting FBOs and corporate operators in the cleaning of their aviation facilities and hangars. We now offer complete building cleaning services on a daily or as needed basis. This allows our customers to concentrate on their flight department and leave the cleaning to us.

Specialty Restorations Services

Sharp Details’ restoration services can help you conserve two of your most valuable assets: your time and your money. Instead of weeks of down time, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in expensive and invasive interior refurbishment and paint, we can have your aircraft looking like new in a week or less, and at a fraction of the cost. We have researched for years to find the best processes and procedures to restore your painted surfaces and your interior to a “brand new” appearance. So put off that expensive refurbishment, and let us have you looking great and flying again in less time for less money. We can also provide restoration and deep-cleaning services for you hangar, FBO, or maintenance facility.

Leather Restoration and re-dye

Trained by All Leather Maintenance (ALM) and Perrone Aerospace, we can repair and restore your leather surfaces. Stains that have permeated into the finish system of your leather seats and armrests will be effectively treated and removed prior to the repair and refinishing process. We can repair ink stains, rub marks, and worn areas. Using a proprietary process developed by Perrone Aerospace, we can provide professional color-matching to a master swatch and refinish of existing color coat and top coat.

Paint Restoration Polishing

We recommend a 3-step paint polishing process that restores shine and luster to paint that is starting to show staining and oxidation. We recommend this paint polishing process for paint that is starting to show staining and oxidation. Utilizing a line of 3M paint-polishing compounds, we safely remove oxidation and imperfections, and then seal the paint with NuPower II by Nuvite chemical. The 3-step process is the most effective process for paint restoration polishing. As part of this process, all cabin windows and cockpit windows are protected by paper and tape to avoid polishing residue. We take proper safety precautions to isolate the static ports and pitot tubes form ingestion of the material and ensure those safeguards are removed after the work is completed.

Transient Services

As a transient visiting an FBO away from home, you can feel comfortable in knowing that we are here for you. From a quick, turn clean to complete interior servicing, we are only a phone call away. We can provide almost instant services at the following airports: OPF, TMB, MIA, FLL, FXE, BCT, PBI, RIC, IAD, JYO, HEF, DCA, HGR, BWI, ILG, PHL, PNE, TTN, MMU, TEB, HPN, SWF, DXR, OXC, BDR, and BDL. We have crews standing by and we have the equipment on the ground to serve you quickly and efficiently. Click here to get instant service or simply call 914-804-3063.